The RIA English Language Institute provides intensive English and enculturation classes designed to produce English proficient and culturally sensitive students prepared to contribute to the global community.

RIA-ELI achieves its mission by developing creative academic programs designed to promote self-discovery, reflection, and actualization; leading immersive activities designed to cultural awareness and sensitivity; and employing credentialed and compassionate individuals committed to the creation of a supportive global community.

At RIA-ELI, language leads to innovation!


The rigorous academic schedule at RIA-ELI ensures consistent improvement in language proficiency. Our program includes 20 hours of required ESL classes per week and is accredited by The Commission onEnglish Language Program Accreditation (CEA).

All classes are designed to incorporate diverse teaching practices: direct, differentiated, and scaffolded instruction, as well as independent-online, inquiry-based, and collaborative learning. In ESL classes, students will write and peer-edit essays; conduct research for group projects, debates, and written reports; write and record short movies; analyze and design resumes and portfolios; and advertise and interview for jobs.


Test prep strategies are embedded and reviewed in all classes. Additional afternoon classes are designed to focuses exclusively on TOEFL prep to help students who continue to struggle with testing.


Our Instructors lead weekly immersion learning activities. These excursions allow students to explore American culture and practice their English through fun, interactive activities in Providence and around Rhode Island and Massachusetts.


Our teachers are talented leaders in their field, having graduated from prestigious US & European Universities as Masters of Education, English, & ESL. All are certified TOEFL prep instructors devoted to the mission of our program. These teachers develop and implement lessons, host study groups, plan and lead cultural trips/activities, custom design each student's Now To College Roadmap, and counsel students in personal and academic goal attainment.


Our unique Now to College Roadmap is a personalized checklist of tasks and requirements each students needs to meet their individual goals. This includes fulfilling the Conditional Admission requirements of RIA-ELI's Partner University or applying to an outside university. Each student’s roadmap identifies areas of weakness and prescribes additional assignments and activities to aid in strengthening the identified weakness. The Roadmap is reviewed and updated each week.


We provide frequent progress reports in order to track the academic progress, health and wellbeing of students. Reports are available for parents, students and RIA-ELI staff. They provide the information needed to develop the best plan of action for each individual student as a part of their Now to College Roadmap. All reports and student information is available 24/7 online through the Parent Portal.


The RIA Career and University Counselor assists students in making decisions regarding their future. They offer support, guidance and advice as students decide which major and courses to take when they arrive at college. For students that wish to apply to schools that are not in our Partner University Consortium, our Counselor helps students to navigate the college application and admissions process and ensures their Now to College Roadmap reflects the student’s unique academic goals.

The RIA English Language Institute Program is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) for the period of December 2013 - December 2017 and agrees to uphold the CEA Standards for English Language Programs and Institutions. CEA is recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education as a national accrediting agency.