A Guaranteed Pathway to College

The RIA-ELI Partner University Arts Consortium is a group of art and design colleges and universities across the country offering Conditional Admission to students who complete the program. They have partnered with RIA-ELI to provide our students a guaranteed pathway to undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Our unique model ensures that students completing the program are fully prepared for success at these art and design American colleges and universities.


Students who apply to the Program have the option of using their application to concurrently apply for Conditional Admission from one or more of RIA-ELI's Partner Universities.


Conditional Admission saves time and energy and reduces stress and risk. Students who receive Conditional Admission when they apply to the Program don't need to worry about college applications when they arrive at RIA-ELI because they are already guaranteed admission to our Partner Universities when they graduate from the program.


Students with a Conditional Admission may choose to apply to other colleges or universities in the US or abroad. This allows students to strive for the best placement while having the comfort of knowing they have already been admitted to one of RIA-ELI’s Partner Universities. Many of RIA-ELI's Program students have been accepted to top schools across the country.


RIA-ELI students are given all the resources they need to gain acceptance to a college or university that best fits their academic needs, area of focus and personal passion, even if that school is outside of the RIA-ELI Partner University Arts Consortium. For those students who choose to apply to other schools, RIA-ELI's Now To College Roadmap and College University Placement Counselor provide critical guidance and support throughout the application placement process.